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The Original
A Texas Tradition since 1980
"Dancing with the STARS"
The Woodlands Stars Refreshment Groups



At a called meeting of The Woodlands Stars on July 14, 2007, club members voted to assign refreshments for the regular club dances.

It was agreed that we would divide the membership list alphabetically into four groups.  Group One will bring snacks on the first Friday of each month, Group Two on the second Friday, Group Three on the third Friday, and Group Four on the fourth Friday.  Fifth Fridays will be assigned to one group and will be noted on the calendars.


The groups are as follows:


GROUP ONE (1st Friday)                            GROUP TWO (2nd Friday)

Jeff Crump & Stacy Pitts Pres.               Art & Carla Burchard V.P.

Roger & Carol Bartel                                  Bart Jones & Cassandra Gibson-Jones

Skip & Darlene Brower                               Bob & Margi Laughlin

John & Paulette Brown                              Roger McClaskey

Kevin & Melanie Connery                          Linda McDonald

Brian Dooley                                                


GROUP THREE (3rd Friday)                       GROUP FOUR (4th Friday)

David Wills Treas. & Vicky                      Theresa Chauvin Sec. & Steve

Inez Medeiros                                              Robert & Kay Ravizza

Nancy Moody                                              David & Susan Simmons

Chris & Mike Parsons                                 Jim & Anita Stevens

Kevin Perry                                                  Terry & Carol Street

Allan & Susan Potter                                  Bob & Carolyn Wells




Please note which committee you are on and bring refreshments on that particular Friday. All other regular club dances, you can just come and enjoy!

Single visitors are welcome
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