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The Original
A Texas Tradition since 1980
"Dancing with the STARS"
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Square Dance Teaching Aids
Houston Square And Round Dance Council
Local Dance Clubs
Houston Area Callers and Cuers
Taminations (animated moves)
Ceder Chest Definitions
Caller Lab Definitions - Mainstream (.PDF)
Caller Lab Definitions - Plus (.PDF)
Caller Lab Definitions - Advanced (.PDF)
Caller Lab Definitions - Challenge 1 (.PDF)
Caller Lab Definitions - Challenge 2 (.PDF)
Caller Lab Definitions - Challenge 3 (.PDF)
Square & Round Dance Health Facts
WebMD Article on Health Benefits of Square Dance
Single visitors are welcome
Where's The Dance? (Find a dance anywhere in the world)
Round Dance Teaching Aids
Harold & Meredith Sears Round Dance Figures & Styling
Trending Travelers - Martha Koslosky, Cuer/Teacher
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